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This document is a translation by the author, Rune L. Hansen, from Norwegian to English, perr 18.02. 2011. 
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RLH, pr. 17.02. 2011.

   by Rune L. Hansen, 17.02. 2011, Norway. ( hunwww@online.no )

   It is sad to witness how and in what extent the "key-persons" and the "useful idiots" destroys humans and society. And how they protect the criminal and the criminals and themselves. An enormous society-problem with monstrous consequences, where such any get to be ongoing.
   One find they everywhere in the society, nosewise, eager to promote their own or groupings selfish desires, needs and opiniings - at the expense of and injurying others. But greatest and most damage do they of course placed in the public or other administrations, where only one of them can be catastrophic for many others, and further spred, maintain and stimulate to criminality.

   And their excuses when and if they are being held responisibil for their misdeeds?
   That they must of course be allowed to opinity what they will and that they did believe this and that and that they self not are competent and that they did believe that they and they others did know better and had responsibility for this and that and that others of course have been and are doing the same, etc.
   They try to push away from themself the responsibility and to blame on each other and others and to regard to confusion about and eventuality dividing of the responsibility.
   And to say that the purpose was another than the consequence.

   Other unwarranted easily they both cause punishment and will they punish for what ever and nothing. For not in any way criminal matters - other than the criminal in and with their own action. A parking fine or a limited or unpaid justified or unjustified bill they refuse or prevent anyone being able to pay they can find out to on-add with amounts and consequences which take food, health, home and life from their fellow human being. With reference to that they have followed a rule, practice or recommendations from others.
   While they themselves would have exemption from any penal- or compensation-responisibility, for even their tremendous committed criminal wrongdoings and consequences.

   Supervisory systems and supervisory committees helps nothing or opposite towards such and such like and are quickly and easily being as the he-goat or horse or the devil himself in disguise as protect the oat-sack. Or, also as one the horrors and selfishness lottery.
   Likewise also control-ordinats and revisions with more too quickly and easily go the same way.

   The problem is that the law and right is not being respected or enforced, but are being manipulated with and in reality bypassed.
   The problem is so absolutely not new and from many sources and hold there for a long time have been laid diligence and sincerity in order to prevent and for to obstruct the problem. One need thus not to invent "the power" again!

   In Norway we are really with a good base outfitted like that seen.
   But the problem has arisen and developed over time with that the criminal "key-persons" and "useful idiots" gradually has taken over the administration and enforcement of law and right.

   The solution consists of that decency and fairness regains and establishes the respect, the administration and enforcement of law and right.

   Many have along the way been fooled to believe that it is our over-ordinated laws there is something wrong with or that are not good enough.
   It is as said not there where the fault and the problem is placed.

   For here to come with some clearifying examples.
   The Norwegian Penal Sivil Code deals with in its 11. chapter "Crimes in the public service", § 110 to 126, and have law-decided and says the following about a particular
essential importance - false documentation - in its paragraph 120:

   "If a public servant in any record pertaining to his office have made a false entry or conceals the truth, or if he in preparing of any official document, telegram or telephone message or in stamping, marking or any other official attestation, which is issued to serve as evidence, makes or attests any false statement or conceals the truth, he shall be liable to loss of office or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years, but not exceeding six years if he has acted for the purpose of obtaining for himself or another an improper gain or to injury anyone."

   And from the same chapter of the Penal Sivil Code with respect to certain other essentials and importantes:

   The Penal Sivil Code § 123:
   "Misuse of an official servant's position on the enterprise or failure of the service action to violate anyone's right, he shall be punished by fines or loss of service, or with imprisonment of up to 1 year. / Has he acted in the purpose to acquire for himself or another a improper gain, or if with the crime considerable injury or violation of rights has been wilful caused, imprisonment up to 5 years may be imposed. "

   The Penal Sivil Code § 124:
   "A Public Servants, which circuit unconstitutional use of its public position with the purpose or the story that persuaded some that do, speak, or refrain from something, punishable by fines or loss of service."

   The Penal Sivil Code § 125:
  "A public servant who misleads or incites any official subordinate to him or under his supervision in the public service to commit a felony in this service, or who assists him therein or knowingly lets him commit such felony, or who abuses his office to incite another public servant to commit a felony in the public service or to assist him therein shall be liable to the same penalty as the latter. / Such penalty shall apply regardless of whether the other public servant is not criminally liable because of good faith or for any other reason."

   And from the Penal Sivil Code's 18. chapter about "Documentfalse", § 179 to 190:

   False statement-paragraphs, § 189 and 190:
   "§ 189. Any person who in any Norwegian or foreign official document or book or in any medical certificate makes an incorrect statement concerning any event or circumstance, for which the statement is intended to serve as evidence, or who contribute to, such a statement to be made, or who aids and abets thereto, shall be liable to fines or imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year, but not exceeding three years if the intent was to obtain for himself or another an improper gain or to injury any person.
   § 190. Any person who uses as correct any such statement as is mentioned in section 189 shall be penalized as therein provided."

   And from the Penal Sivil Code's 20. chapter, "Crimes with Concern to Family-relations," § 215 to 221:

   The Penal Sivil Code § 216:
   "§ 216. Any person who causes a minor to be unlawfully deprived of or kept deprived of his parents' or other concerneds' care, or who aids and abets thereto, shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years. If there are extenuating circumstances, fines may be imposed. A public prosecution will only be instituted when requested by an aggrieved person."

   And from the Penal Sivil Code's 21. chapter "Crimes 
against the personal liberty", § 222 to 227:

   The Penal Sivil Code § 223:
   "§ 223. Any person who unlawfully deprives another person of his liberty or who aids and abets such deprivation of liberty, shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years. / If the deprivation of liberty has lasted for more than one month, or has caused any person abnormal suffering or considerable injury to body or health or has resulted in the death of anyone, imprisonment for a term of not less than one year shall be imposed. / Anyone who conspires with anyone about to commit an act referred to in the second section shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years."

   Or the Human Rights Act's Appendix 2, ECHR, Art 13:
   "Right to an effective remedy / Everyone whose rights and freedoms as set forth in this Convention are violated shall have an effective remedy before a national authority notwithstanding that the violation has been committed by persons acting in an official capacity."

   And the Human Rights Act's Appendix 2, ECHR, Art 14:
   "Prohibition of discrimination / The enjoyment of the rights and freedoms set forth in this Convention shall be secured without discrimination on any ground such as sex, race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority, property, birth or other status."

   Respect for and real enforcement of just these here rendered really validated law-decisions would have removed the most of terror, harassment, torture and injustice in Norway!

   So what do we now do towards this our society-problem?