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The translation of this document from Norwegian to English is perr 19.02. 2011 very bad and hasty done with Google Translator!
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RLH: Sent to NAV Vindafjord and Haugaland og Sunnhordland policedistrict perr telefax og e-mail 07.02. 2011.


NAV Vindafjord,
Postboks 3,
5589 Sandeid.
Telefax: 52048711.
-- With copy to: Haugaland og Sunnhordland policedistrict, filed number 11384062 og 11059001.

Rune L. Hansen (born 06.12. 1955), tlf. 53 76 76 87,
5568 Vikebygd
                                                                          Dato: Monday 07. February 2011, Tindeland.

   Inquiry regarding NAV and Rune L. Hansen

   My telephone- and internet-connection, the phone company switched off for 5 days around New Year, but switched back 04.01. 2011 thanks to that I was able to borrow money from my mother to pay the telephone bill.
   I have now for a long period almost not had money for gasoline to be able to use the car or in other ways to get me anywhere from home. The same what concern food and groceries and everything else. Last time I was away from home was 06.01. 2011 when I was driving to the near-store (13.1 km ride back) and got traded groceries. Just a friend of mine and my family has twice bought some groceries and a car battery for me. Thanks to that I have been able to borrow any money for this.
   I last had now no money to pay the monthly installments on insurance for home and car. Remains unpaid.
   So what is the last el-power bill.
   The same applies to what. But have twice since last year got half embrace by a gift from Trygve Einar Gjerde in the Christian People's National Support Association. The wood I have had to be very frugal with for not too fast to have no wood.
   For here have mentioned, which says a lot about my economical life situation now.

   NAV has been continuously informed about all this and my entire economy and its all conditions. I have way over and over again also asked NAV for both acute and long-term help, without any of this have been taken seriously by NAV. NAV has also increasingly more and more intensified its harassment and economic outplunder. And that the net asset value in this context has also made false and fraudulent documentation.

   This and all my ever more difficult and impossible financial situation along the way after my children were kidnapped 03.04. 2008 is in no way caused by the expenses or costs I have caused to me or have been or are responsible for or could have dealt with me differently or better.
   The economic harassment and my economical situation now is solely made and caused by the NAV and the NAV has been possible to use the.
   Except that these same now in the past also threatens the attacking and by Norwegian National Collection Agency.
   NAV itself also through the State Collection Agency by active the failure. Which in turn cause further life-threatening conditions.

   I hereby request again that the NAV addresses these discrepancies and this injustice. And again shows that all this is urgent.
   I refer in this respect to my previous letters here and now in terms of law and in particular to my letter dated 03.01. 2011 to NAV Vindafjord (external).
   I refer in this respect also to the Human Rights Act, § 3, which upheld the law and has determined that the Human Rights Act provisions will take precedence and "shall take precedence over the conflicting provisions in other legislation.

   In very many years, my economic have been safe and trouble free, with nothing more than the regular monthly social security payments from the NAV.
   When my children 03.04. 2008 was kidnapped, held prisoner was gagged and conditions in so many ways and also so different. In addition to the economic costs and the costs that the children were kidnapped, held captive and gagged resulted NAV commenced involvement in the crime of discrimination, harassment and false economical documentation. NAV awarded the crime and punished the victims, and which in itself helped to maintain and to continue the crime and to encourage further such and similar crimes.

   NAV as of 2008 denied me economy enough to survive. And NAV has also been active on continuous economic outplunder and harassment against me and our home.
   This and this has been intentional from several of the criminal side. Also from representatives of the criminal justice system's side. Also economically from these side both to reward kidnap and capture keeps Trude Monica Hansen and by charging and collecting my case costs, etc. To request the case costs, etc. Using these latter Norwegian National Collection Agency, which in reality is ruthless and takes all and anything from a human being, both financial resources and conditions in order to survive, assets and residence.

   All this from the actual NAV's side have increasingly in step with the harassment and outplunder made it difficult and impossible for me still, as usual to have a home, wood, electricity, telephone and Internet, car, television, insurance, food, medicine , groceries, etc. Likewise, in terms of social life, personal life, family life, integrity, past, future and lifes right.
   Now it is only remains left of all this. Residues from the criminal side threatened with the intended final full termination.
   I'm not in any way responsible for any of this.

   With regards from

   Rune L. Hansen,
   07.02. 2011 ((+ signature))