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Rule 39. Urgent

As an urgent case,

The Registrar,
European Court of Human Rights,
Council of Europe,

Rune L. Hansen,
NO-5568 Vikebygd, Norway.

                                                                                           Dato: Tuesday, 15. February 2011, Vindafjord, Norway.


   This my application and petition to the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg is in the formal divided into four departments:
   Presentation - Documentation - Claims - and Finally
   Hence the following:


   We have a big problem in Norway, which we not manage to solve ourselves.
   The problem has gotten worse and worse over several decades, year after year. Political, bureaucratic and public-minded demands for change have again and again resulted in the worse. The problem now penetrates the now very large sections of the public administration and the society's life in general. As a large and very sentral country-idiomatic disaster. With an abundance of criminal insanity and injustice, with also many elements of the perverse. And terror, harassment, torture and outplundering and more too. There is in a certain degree big danger associated with talking about it.

   It is especially the child-robbery industry in Norway and its many different aspects.
   It has on certain ways its basis in a public false "child care service" with many employees, and in false "alone-mothers". And in all these its many co-players.
   Many of these child care services are terror- and liquidation-units. They annualy kidnap thousands of children, from maternity wards, from their homes, from schools and kindergartens, etc.
   The methods, the co-players and intentions are different, but much the same.
   The employees in such "child care services" receive tips or concerns-messages from someone anybody someone. Thereafter is the process started up or in progress. The concerning family is thus in life danger.
   The threat is that the children then easily can be kidnapped, plus the circumstances and the process in this.
   "The child care service" claims indirectly and directly with other Norwegian authorities-instances help to penetrate into the present family's privacy and home. Without basis in concretisied criminal relations or concretisied suspicions about criminal relations.
  At the same time as they in different ways both are doing documentation and are collecting documentation on concerned the family.

   The collected documentation are often and in generally being collected from mainly the following four quarters:
   1: From anyone contact the familys individuals have had or have with public management. Often from many years back in time.
   2: From they here above mentioned tips and concerns-messages, where the motives can be differently.
   3: From the staff of child care service's own notes, thoughts and feelings. Often also their self-produced psychiatrical diagnoses in addition to many other kinds of allegations.
   4: And enlightenings, information and assessments is being ordered, purchased or required comprehended the concerned family from others. Often in relation to the intention.

   With this their produced and collected documentation as basis they write resolutions, where the threat is that the children are being kidnapped or to state the reasons and describe why they already have kidnapped the children.
   Many of these resolutions are being sent over in an instance to the County Committee, with request about to take over the children.
   Many of these resolutions and at all much of the produced and collected documentation contains much lies, distortions,
harassment and degradation of the family - and intent just to take over the kids.
   The County Committee and all what is going on is closed and inaccessible for the public. The County Committee gives in general quite automatically and uncritically the municipal child care service support and adds on often even more harassment. Real contradiction does not take place and witnesses and evidences and law and right are fairly completely being bypassed. Worse than in a fool theater. It is the purposes, allegations and the documantation from the municipal child care service that count and that is being continued.
   All and the whole staged to effectively kidnap the children.

   In generally the family is from the first moment exposed for monsterous threats, psychological and social burdens, harassment, terror, torture and outplundering.
   Many does not survive long on the way in all of this. The causes of death and what they have been exposed for often and in generally hidden behind false documentation.

   It is being threatened and manipulated much with the false documentation. Also with sub-ordinated laws, instructions and rules.
   Threats and rewards is a very strong element in all of this.

   When and if the process is going to the District Court, it's about the same as in the County District Commitee.
   Also what concern the Court of Appeal and the Norwegian Supreme Court.

   To file a police report and to point on and to be able prove the injusice, as also many both do and can, helps in general nothing.

   The real purpose is neither to help or to care the child, the parents or the family.
   The term " the childs best" has on the nearest gotten the opposite meaning:
   The child, the parents, the family and the society's worst. All and the whole opposite law and right.

   The purpose is neither not that the children shall be returned to their parents. Not rather that the parents an the children after the kidnapping shall be able to be together or to have contact with each other. On the contrary.
   When the children are being kidnapped, captured ang gagged it inflicts the children and parents long-lasting shock-condition, pain, despair, alienation, torture, destructions and many kinds of inreversible damages or termination. This strengthening additional by that they after the kidnapping not are being given opportunity or possibility to be together with each other or to have contact. Exceptional for partly some somebody under particulary insulting and humiliating conditions and durations. The damages and the torture this implicates the kidnappers and captureholders know, but they pretend as nothing and do not care. For the kidnappers the whole is a matter of money, status, might-control and career.

   Very much of the same as all this happens and is the relation when one of the parents kidnaps the child. Which oftenly are mothers.
   False "alone-mothers", which further on the way often self are being in an extra exposed position in relation to the false
municipal "child care".
   Fathers often and in general are being discriminated and harassed very grossly. Also grossly and often life-threatening economically. But it is also examples of the opposite. The purpose is often the same as in the matter regarding me and my family: to destroy and to terminate father. Which are being rewarded. One of the parents are being rewarded for kidnapping, capturehold and gagging of the children - while the other and the chiledren are being punished, mistreatned and out-plundered. Many choose to utilise this and to earn on that it is like this. In particular women let oneself be duped and tempted to it and are being rewarded for that. Hence more they are injurying the children and the other parent all the more they are being rewarded, and then especially economical.

   Everything that concern this relations assumes often unbeliveable grotesque forms and consequences, both in the judiciary, the public administration and society otherwise.
   Very many are suffering and are being destroyed under it and very many are earning money and career of the injustice.
   It is rudeness, lying, crime and lack of conscience that reach and rules.
   Humanity, decency and law and right becomes more and more and worse and worse squeezed out and away away.

   I can not wait more with to deliver this case to the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg, because it is very urgent.
   Both in terms of myself and my family and very very many others.
   I have long been a on the way with getting delivered this case to the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg, but because of the circumstances with that I and my children still continuously are exposed to terror, harassment, torture and outplundering with more that I am obliged to have to relate me in responsibility and otherwise also not least  document and with a lot of office work, that has been very difficult to get done.

   As stated in the documentation I submit and continued shall and can present to the Court of Human Rights so goes this heretic process towards the end for me.
   I am exposed for and threatened further and now with so complete termination and so very grossy injustice that this I can not survive for very long anymore.

   Me and my family need help, law and order. And it is urgent. And all Norway needs emergency help, law and right. I exaggerate not. All this is unbiased and well considered from my side. But the criminals and their co-players and their propaganda try to spread another message. And they minimize and trivialise and they pretend as they not know and they pretend as nothing - towards very grotesque, criminal and perverse circumstances. And many do not dare to say or do some or being if they tray gagged, punished or persecuted.

   All this is a catastrofal very big problem - and Norway do not manage to solve it alone.


   To the case comes from my side own presentation, index and submission of documentation.
   Only now, only a little and some of this, because that this is so much urgent and as an outline of the case.
   The following preliminary:

   001-- This letter in Norwegian (original): Til-EMD-fra-RLH-022011.html ( intern )
   001E-- This letter in English: Til-EMD-fra-RLH-022011E.html ( intern )

   002-- Norwegian (original): 20110111-Anke-til-Gulating-lagmannsrett-fra-RLH.html ( intern ) 
   002E-- English: 20110111E-Anke-til-Gulating-lagmannsrett-fra-RLH.html ( intern ) - not entirely translated yet.

   003-- Norwegian (original): 20110103-Politi-anmeldelse-fra-RLH.html ( intern ) 
   003E-- English: 20110103E-Politi-anmeldelse-fra-RLH.html ( intern ) - not entirely translated yet.

   004-- Norwegian (original): 20110103-til-NAV-Vindafjord-fra-RLH.html ( intern ) 
   004E-- English: 20110103E-til-NAV-Vindafjord-fra-RLH.html ( intern )  - not translated yet.

   005-- Norwegian (original): Kronologi-kidnappinger-barna-saken.html ( intern ) 
   005E-- English: Kronologi-kidnappinger-barna-saken-E.html ( intern ) - not translated yet.

   006-- Norwegian (original): INDEX, kronologisk, dokumentene i saken:  brevene-index.html 


   What my claims perr to day according to law and right concern they appear latest in my filed police report and in my petition to the courts in Norway.
   These my claims shall I here now point on to.

   My claims can be divided into five main sections. Following:

   Section 1,
   what concern me and my family - which appear as stated and quoted from my post dated 02.02. 2011 to the filed police report ( external ):

   Unambiguous and indisputable after in and for Norway current law and right, which in my filed police report has pointed and referred to, are every of  the Norwegian authorities committed to immediate restoration and compensation towards me and my children.
   Omission or false documentation in this matter will in accordance to several of the Norwegian General Penal Code provisions which I have referred to be illegal and punishable.

   Necessary and law required restoration consists of several immediate necessary elements.
   Here I shall try to give an plain overview of these, first in three main points:

   Point 1: The children bringed home again.
   Point 2: Economical compensation to the victims.
   Point 3: Public proclaimed declaration and apology.

   What concern point 2, economical compensation, here I have the following to say:

   I shall for my part be acknowledged economical compensation for the lost and destroyed.
   This compensation shall be given from the Norwegian state authorities, who acknowledge their co-responsibility and their commitment.
   The Norwegian state authorities shall for their part in accordance with the over-ordinal law and right distribute and collect penal- and compensation-liability towards the criminals and their instances, departments and sections based on each of the criminal's crimes.
   Essential in this respect is that the penal- and
compensation-responsibilities for each of the criminals get a sufficient weight of preventative, ie prophylactic, effect. Just as with respect to the compensation-responsibility each of the criminal's instances, departments and sections should be given and have in relation to co-responsibility.

   It will be and is right and proper what me concern to claim economical compensation for the lost and destroyed.
   What only concerning myself without with thought on my children will an appropriate
guaranteed entirely relatively immediate economic fair compensation based on now-being social conditions be 60 million Norwegian kroner.
   What my self concerns also with thought on that restoration that my 7 minor children brought home again will an appropriate guaranteed entirely relatively immediate economic fair compensation based on
now-being social conditions be 200 million Norwegian kroner.

   Section 2,
what concern me and my family - which appear as stated and quoted from my post dated 03.02. 2011 to the filed police report ( external ):

   The harassment via NAV ((national social secutity department)) has now been ongoing a long time, worse and worse.
   In the recent time has several of the same criminal representatives for the Norwegian authorities harassed and threatened also via
Statens Innkrevingssentral (SI) ((the State Collection Agency)).
   If not that via NAV and
SI quickly now is being stopped by representatives for norwegian authorities is it fairly predictable that our home and our possessions and my life can be physically done-to-nothing approximate in March 2011 and therearound.
   I refer concerning this to 
the following link with documentation:
   And otherwise what applies to the whole complex subject to the following link with very extensive direct documentation:

   It is numerous and tremendous coarse criminals involved in this whole matter complex.
   They hide behind false claims and false documentation.

   It urgent very to be able to stop all this of criminal madness. I hereby further request and require that it will be done.

   Section 3,
   what concern me and my family - which appear as stated and quoted from my post dated 03.01. 2011 to the justice system ( external ):

     1. Frøydis Hansen b. 25.12.1993, Stauda Sofie Hansen b. 24.05.1997, Alfredo Ao Hansen b. 17.08.1999, Mariel Rose Hansen b. 21.12.2001, Urda Lilje Hansen b. 14.06.2003, Solborg Sera Hansen b. 28.02.2006 and Tormod Hansen b. 15.04.2008 shall have their firm and first home with Rune Leander Hansen.

     2. Primary: Father shall have part in the juridical parental responsibility for Frøydis Hansen, Stauda Sofie Hansen, Alfredo Ao Hansen, Mariel Rose Hansen, Urda Lilje Hansen, Solborg Sera Hansen and Tormod Hansen.

     2. Secondarily: Father shall have the juridical
parental responsibility for Frøydis Hansen, Stauda Sofie Hansen, Alfredo Ao Hansen, Mariel Rose Hansen, Urda Lilje Hansen, Solborg Sera Hansen og Tormod Hansen.

     3. Father takes care of the children's right to contact and to be together with their mother.

   Section 4,
   what concern me and my family - which otherwise appear as stated in the case documentation ( external ):

   Here-under several points.
   This and those I will come back to.
   These concerns among others the following conditions:
   - that I was innocent convicted and was held detained an imprisoned along with convicted felons in the period 21.10. 2008 to 12.03. 2009 ( external ).
   - the circumstances surrounding the fact that representatives for Norwegian authorities did take DNA-material from me, now latest 24.12. 2010.

   Section 5,
   for whole Norway's concern -
which appear as stated and quoted from my post dated 07.02. 2011 to the filed police report ( external ):

   In addition, I will here now on behalf of the Norwegian people in and with law and right and the responsibility I cognize obligated to and with basis in my filed police report and the documentation I have done present the following claims for Norways population of single-humans otherwise:

   1. Kidnapping, capturehold and gagging of children ceases. The children and their both parents liberates, in and for equality. No one shall be able to earn more money or injustice on kidnapping, capturehold and gagging of children or separation of children and parents. In addition restitution and compensation and what this implies.
   2. Full closure and full scrutiny of the public child care services and county
committees. Their boths kind of activity and practice are illegal.
   3. An efficient low-threshold Injury-commission created. There are so very many civil- and penal-criminal injury in Norway, that it soonest should be established an independent, low-threshold Injury-commission. This must be so effective that the victims of public injury, has a real place to go. Today it is often impossible to repair a miscarriage of justice.
   4. A Norwegian Human Rights Court established. Open, low-threshold, independent and impartial, equalized with the Supreme Court, who is commited to process all cases presented.
   5. A Norwegian Truth- and Reconciliation-Commission
established. Open, low-threshold, independent and impartial, which also is obliged to process all cases presented.
   6. Economic justice for everybody in accordance to the law.

   Regarding these 6 points, I will here otherwise have said the following:

   Additional very important that those who possess power and authority in a job or position as a representative of management in a society fast, robust and fair and can be accused and adressed to penal- and
compensation-responsibility for done illegality. Power and authority may otherwise all too easily be misused or fallacious with disastrous consequences for those concerned and society.
   Therefore, is a completely open, low-threshold, authoritative, independent, habil special-court needed, and more.
   And to get competent, national Truth- and Reconciliation-commissions and Human Rights Courts operational, real and effective on low-threshold level. For that there also be actual managements for mitigating, reconciliation, repentance and forgiveness. And to promote openness, truth, welfare and justice.

   In and for an impartial independent Human Rights Court it should be important that everything should be done in transparency for the whole community, with open low-threshold opportunity for anyone and everyone to post inputs, comments, argumentation, contradiction, etc. And that what shall lay as basis is the Human Rights Act, and the Penal Code and the Norwegian Constitution, which are our over-ordinated laws (and not eventually any illegal or unlawful practiced under-ordinated law). And the principle that even the judges and others involved, of course, is subject to law and right. Thus, will and can anyone involved in the case in practice have any and every human in the society as his lawyer - not just a lawyer, but multiple many.
   Human Rights Court in Strasbourg has repeatedly stressed that public disclosure protects the plaintiff against governmental abuse, and that this is crucial for the overall confidence in the court can be maintained.
   The criminal madness must be stopped, examined and presented for law and right. Towards special-court, both Truth- and Reconciliation-commission and Human Rights Court and more too. Not least because the Norwegian legal system and so many representatives for the public authorities and others have been and are involved as criminals.
   The legal system is the nerve and the girder in a democracy and the most important institution and protection the human and the society have.
   But when the judicial system has become the institution that most have the responsibility for that governmental 
officials can continue infringements and oppression in official direction and murder, destruction and pervertions organized with signatures and false documentation, delaying tactics, responsibility-avoidance, etc., then the wrong-judical system is a straighter word for what we now still are ravaged with.

   All this for the necessity and the requirement of real-established real respect for the elementary common human values, protections, rights, responsibilities and obligations.


   All these are matters that are urgent and acute.
   For me and my family concerned particularly acute that my minor children immediately obtains to come home again and we obtains to be in peace and security.
   And that the money-claims and all other economic harassment in connection with this case-complex immediately are being stopped towards me and my minor children and our home.

With greeting and hope from            

Rune L. Hansen,  (( + signature ))    

NO-5568 Vikebygd, Norway      

My address:
Rune L. Hansen,
NO-5568 Vikebygd, Norway.
Telephone: +47 - 53 76 76 87.
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