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((The Norwegian version of this letter is on this link / Den norske versjon av dette brev er på denne link : ekstern - intern.))
RLH: This my letter now to ECHR sent by mail Thursday 24.05. 2012.

 The Registrar, European Court of Human Rights,
 Council of Europe,

  Rune L. Hansen,
  NO-5568 Vikebygd, in Norway

Application no. 10240/11 Hansen v. Norway

                                                           Date:  Thursday 24. May 2012, Norway

   Here I am again,
   still a kind of alive.
   Here too with more enclosed documentation.

 It is important that the requirements and demands I have both in my filed police report and performance for ECHR soon as possible will be reality.
   It is my will and my hope that the ECHR can be real help for that to happen. And in particular regarding the penal
responsibility for the crimes of the guilty and complianted.
   There is every reason to believe that they who are guilty and complicit will get to do much further injustice if this not happens.
   And there is also every reason to believe that they will get to do much for this not to happen. It is therefore very important that this nevertheless and efficiently and in real life happens - and happens as soon as possible.

   It has on the way, despite all the attacks and all distress, injury and destruction, been a very important work for me to collect and to present and to communicate optimally comprehensive with factual evidences, testimons and documentation. And to convey this to the police and Norwegian authorities. I have done.

   My public diary notes are very comprehensive and included in the filed police-report, they are located on the Internet, but to do the printing on paper of they for submission both has been and is too difficult for me to manage. They are many thousands of pages of documentation, evidences, testimons, references, etc.

   All this proves, among other things, that this that it is about in Norway (and Sweden and in several places in the world) is extensive organized crime run by employees in and around the public (including political and juridical) administration. And that these criminals purpose is not to stop their crimes, but to continue with them and making them even worse. Grotesque circumstances that perverts people and society. Hidden behind the scenes, facades and false documentation.
   Corrupt politicians, government and public administration that denies most of the civilian population genuine access to justice and who manipulate with illegal laws and regulations and with people and society.

Many of those in Norway once or more actively engaged in or is complicit in kidnapping, catch hold, torture and out-plundering of children and parents lacking in a sense perspective and some awareness of what they are really becoming guilty and complicit in. Nevertheless, it is often the case that each of these do very much also of more and further and other serious crime for not to be revealed, for to hide their (and their accomplices) crimes and the fact that it is serious crimes.
   The facade is often that they just do "their job", or that they owe other criminals with similar facade, which has ordered them.
   With also as consequence a murder-machinery, a terror-regime where law and justice becomes the opposite of law and justice, hidden behind manipulation with law and justice, propaganda and false documentation. Also to get the victims to in their own and others' eyes to appear as the criminals, when the fact are the opposite.
   Grotesque circumstances that perverts people and society. Hidden behind the scenes, facades and false documentation.

   The opposite of the rule of law becomes the reality for them, while they consistently refuse civilian population access to justice, other than for to further harassment, torture and out-plundering. While the criminals who harasses, tortures, out-plunder and kills are being rewarded ... and goes on and on and on.

   They kidnap your children, or your father or mother - and says they do not know what and how it feels?
   Then there is something very very very wrong with them.

    The previous letter from me to the ECHR was dated 07. December 2011.
    And the previous letter from ECHR to me was dated 28 July 2011.

My enclosed new documentation (vv4) now are these:

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20111208-fra-NAV-Forvaltning-Sandnes-til-RLH.html ( intern )
201112x-til-NAV-Klageinstans-fra-NAV-Sandnes.html ( intern )
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vv4-- 20111227-fra-Politiet-til-ad-RLH.html ( intern ) -
20111223-fra-NAV-Innkreving-til-RLH.html ( intern ) -

20120102-til-Voldsofferkontoret-fra-RLH.html ( intern ) -
 20120110-til-FY-Rogaland-fra-adv-TLT-RLH.html ( intern ) -
vv4-- 20120110-til-advokat-Stian-Kristiansen-fra-RLH.html ( intern )
vv4-- 20120110-fra-og-til-adv-SK-RLH.html ( intern )
20120112-fra-Fylkesnemnda-ad-Stauda.html ( intern )
vv4-- 20120117-fra-Trudes-advokat-til-Fylkesnemnda.html ( intern )
vv4-- 20120118-fra-Haugesund-k-til-Fylkesnemnda.html ( intern )

20120301-Folkemord-politi-anmeldelse.html ( intern ) -
vv4-- 20120302-fra-og-til-advokat-Stian Kristensen-RLH.html ( intern )
vv4-- 20120228-vedtak-fra-NAV-til-RLH.html ( intern ) -
vv4-- 20120307-Ang-Hus-inkvisisjonene.html
( intern ) -
vv4-- 20120307-fra-Politiet-tl-TEG.html ( intern )
vv4-- 20120312-til-advokat-TLThingvold-fra-RLH.html ( intern ) -
20120314-fra-Fylkesnemnd-til-RLH-adv-TLT.html ( intern )
vv4-- 20120319-til-FYn-fra-RLH.html ( intern ) -
20120326-til-Politiet-fra-RLH.html ( intern ) -
20120326-fra-SI-til-RLH.html ( intern )
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20120330-til-advokat-TLThingvold-fra-RLH.html ( intern )
20120330-fra-adv-TLT-til-RLH.html ( intern ) -  pdf-format: 20120330-fra-adv-TLT-til-RLH.pdf ( intern ) -

20120402-til-Politi-anmeldelsen-fra-RLH.html ( intern )
20120404-til-FY-fra-RLH.html ( intern ) -
20120410-til-Skatteetaten-fra-RLH.html ( intern ) -
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vv4-- 20120423-fra-SI-til-RLH.html ( intern )
vv4-- 20120429-fra-Skatteetaten-til-RLH.html ( intern )

20120605-Om-drap-og-ytringsfrihet-i-Norge.html ( intern ) -
20120510-til-Politi-anmeldelsen-fra-RLH.html ( intern ) -
20120510-Rettelse.html ( intern ) -
vv4-- 20120515-fra-SI-til-RLH.html ( intern )


                                                                With best regards from 

                Rune L. Hansen,  (( + signature ))                                                                    

                   Norway, Thursday 24. May 2012